Process: New Site or Redesign

Below is how my process typically goes for a New Website or Redesign and Refresh of an existing WordPress website.

Process For New WordPress Website 

  • Initial Discussion (30 minutes free)
  • You fill out this Questionnaire
  • Follow-up Discussion if needed (up to 30 minutes free)
  • Initial Estimate
  • Deposit 20%
  • Research
  • Follow-up Discussion if needed
  • Formal Proposal (will outline definite and potential extra costs)
  • Additional Deposit 30% (total 50% required to start work)
  • Domain, Hosting, and WordPress setup 1 week (if needed)
  • Design/Template Choices 1 week
  • Content and Page Outline 1-2 weeks (if needed)
  • Content Creation 2-6+ weeks (if needed and to be charged at $55/hour)
  • Site Buildout 2-6 weeks
  • Additional details – SEO refinement, Analytics setup, Google Webmaster setup, speed checks, security, etc. 2 weeks
  • Testing and Refining 2 weeks
  • WordPress dashboard training (recommended but not required)
  • Final Balance Due
  • Site Launch
  • Choose if you would like a maintenance plan.

Process for Existing WordPress Website

  • Initial Discussion (30 minutes free)
  • You fill out this Questionnaire.
  • Existing Website Assessment (charged hourly but will provide an estimate based on the status and the size of the sites)
  • Follow-up Discussion of assessment (up to 1 hour $50)
  • Estimate for Redesign – (subject to change)
  • Deposit 50%
  • Begin work
  • Discussions as needed
  • Adjust the scope of the project if needed (this can happen with old broken sites when I run into unforeseen problems. Think of it like renovating an old house; a contractor can give you an estimate by looking at the house, but once demolition begins, they might find additional problems like mold or foundation issues that need to be addressed.)
  • Final balance due
  • Work completed
  • Choose a maintenance plan (optional but recommended so the site doesn’t become outdated or break again!)