I like to be as up-front and transparent about my pricing as possible to help you decide if I am the right fit for your budget.

Estimates and Ad Hoc Requests

I charge $75 per hour for most of my services. For new websites and clearly outlined projects, I will give you an estimate and try to stick to that as much as possible. For additional work outside the scope of the project, I will charge hourly. If you choose to have a monthly maintenance plan with me, my rate for additional work drops to $55/hour. I will always stop work and discuss with you if the scope of the project becomes larger than originally estimated.

New Websites

Each website is unique and it’s impossible to give an estimate without knowing more about the size and functionality you need. To give a general idea, for small simple websites with all content provided, I start my pricing around $600/$700. For more complex sites  (like e-commerce) that need to be built from scratch, including content, I may estimate as high as $5,000+.

Existing Websites

For redesigning and updating existing WordPress websites, I usually charge hourly because the scope of the project only becomes clear once I log in to your WordPress site and see what needs to be done. Some of these projects are as simple as updating or changing plugins and could cost as little as $200. Other projects may require a complete rebuild which could cost around $2,000.

Is WordPress Free?

The great thing about WordPress is that it’s free to use. Most companies can build a new site for just the cost of a template (under $100). There are some things you might need to pay for depending on your website, like advanced page builders or plugins for special functionality. E-commerce sites will also have other fees associated with sales. I am very price-conscious and will always discuss with you beforehand if you need something like a paid plugin.

Other Costs

While WordPress (a content management system) is free, there are other costs associated with websites like domains, hosting, and email addresses. When building a new site I will go over these costs with you to make sure you understand what you’ll be paying upfront, annually, or monthly for a hosting platform like SiteGround.

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